Ottawa Waldorf School is sold

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth and it just seems fitting that this is when the school’s property sold. We can now truly say goodbye and look towards the future.  As mentioned previously, the funds from the sale will be held for a future Waldorf initiative(s) in Ottawa to help strengthen the impulse of Waldorf education in the area.

As we begin to look forward we must also look at the past and I would like take this opportunity to thank all OWS board members, teachers, parents, students and friends (past and present) for their endless support and dedication to Waldorf education. Let us celebrate and remember the 34 years in which the school provided such a beautiful education, an education which fostered and nurtured children’s imaginations, creativity, respect, responsibility and love for learning.

Many souls were touched by the school and I personally am fortunate to have stumbled upon it, a little hidden gem. It has greatly shaped our family life and we are so grateful for all that it has given us.

Let us hope that in the future a new initiative can begin which will once again give families seeking a Waldorf education the opportunity to experience the beauty and depth of it.

With gratitude,
(former OWS parent and school administrator)


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